Bothwell Beekeepers

The Bothwell Beekeepers group was established in 2010 with the support from the Organic Growers of Bothwell, Awards for All Wildlife, Glasgow and District Beekeepers' Association and the Cooperative Membership Community Fund. There are now nine beekeepers in Bothwell. Eight members have achieved the Scottish Beekeepers' Association  Beekeeping certificate with distinction. All bees are in bee-flying distance of the Community Garden where we grow our fruit and vegetables.

The Bothwell Beekeepers aim to:

  • Maximise the pollination of fruit and vegetables in the Bothwell Community Garden
  • Care for honeybees which are in decline throughout the world
  • Promote beekeeping and reintroduce honey bees to Bothwell
  • Raise awarness of the importance of bees with public, especially gardeners and young people.

In 2011 we planted a Bee Friendly border at the community garden which was stocked with plants to attract bees and other pollinators. It demonstrates how people can support these important insects in their own gardens.

During the winter months we meet with other beekeepers at the Lanarkshire Beekeepers' Association for beekeeping lectures and workshops.  The association meets in Clydesmill Community Firestation, Cambuslang from September to June on the first Monday of the month.